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The modern night stand in your bed rather than beside it. Invisible to those who should not know
and accessible to those who should.

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We designed Juna InCase with you in mind, everything that matters to you right at your finger tips. What you store in your InCase is your business and our design will keep it that way.

  • Icon Biometric

    Built-in night stand with the lower case accessible through biometrics or hidden backup barrel key lock.

  • Icon Wifi

    Wifi booster & Backup Battery built in to ensure better streaming capabilities.

  • Icon USB

    USB ports(4) and a wireless charging mat to charge any device.

  • Icon Lamp

    Run the lamps from the case controls.

  • Icon Gun

    Rail mount under biometric access to safely store a weapon for home defense. (optional)


The first line of defense is to be invisible to the thieving eye. Almost any safe in the world can be cracked, but if they can’t find it, they can’t crack it. The second line of defense relies on you. With the Juna InCase, we have provided quick and easy access in the case of an emergency.



First 1000 pre-order will save $2,000 on the retail price during this soft launch. Within 8 weeks, you will receive your first shipment including your custom mattress, 2 pillows, and a contract of agreement assuring that you will receive the 2nd shipment with your InCase, mattress protector and 2 sets of custom sheets within 6 months of your purchase.

First shipment

Second shipment


We looked at some of the top rated security containers on the market. Then we designed a better one. Our lower case stores your item securely while providing fast & easy access. What’s superior about our design? It’s invisible.


We know there are never enough charging ports when you need them, so we’ve added 4. The Juna InCase also features a slit for the cord to pass through so you can use your device with the top lid closed.


Two wireless charging mats are built-in for easy charging capabilities. The Juna InCase was also designed to eliminate all EMF or EMR exposure from electronics stored within the case.


The Juna InCase is built right into a Juna Custom Mattress- second to none in comfort, support, and durability. When you invest in the Juna InCase, you also receive an additional $700 in Juna products including 2 sets of custom sheets, a custom mattress protector, and 2 pillows. Every Juna InCase mattress also features a Lifetime Comfort Commitment, meaning you can customize your comfort through zipper access anytime.


How many times have you ripped the charging cord out of the wall? Or have you had to mess with ugly power adapters and wires everywhere? We have made the best mattress on the face of the planet; then we put state of the art technology in it. You will feel smarter just by owning it.

  • Customize your sleep

    Customize your sleep. In addition to creating the perfect custom cut mattress for you, there is 3 feels inside your Juna mattress.  You can personalize your mattress to fit your exact needs. Change anything, at any time through our zip and wash removable cover.

  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A

    Our mattress experts meticulously handcraft your mattress in the USA. Your InCase is engineered and manufactured right here too.

  • Free shipping

    The whole package will be delivered in 2 steps, both free. Receive your custom mattress & 2 pillows within 8 weeks right on your doorstep.

You’ll love the convenience
as much as the comfort!

Simply the best mattress in the world. We use the only the highest grade materials for creating this mattress. This bed is built to support, relieve pressure, stay cool, and be excellent for more than just a great nights sleep!

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