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    Do I have a warranty with my mattress?

    You get an 18 year warranty with the mattress. That is a full coverage warranty not your standard lawyer written garbage. Meaning 1 inch of body impression in 18 years we replace it. We don't void warranties here at Juna.

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    Do I have a warranty with my Juna InCase?

    Yes you do have a warranty with the Juna InCase but with any electronics these days we do a 2 year warranty.

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    What is your Lifetime Comfort Commitment?

    The Lifetime Comfort Commitment was invented so if you ever want to change or upgrade the feeling of the mattress you can do that. We look at a mattress as parts so you do not have to replace the whole thing. We can adjust the firmness or feel but we use real product to change the feel not air. If you need anything give our Sleep technicians a call, we can find the right fix for you regarding the mattress. (605)553-1604


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    When will I get my Juna InCase?

    We have lined up the manufacture and have the mold being made. We are working hard to make sure that every unit will be perfect when it comes to you. When it comes to shipping out the Juna Incase we will ship the first 1000 units within 6 months order date. Our time lines will get better the first run just takes the longest, which is also the reason for the BIG discount.

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    When will I get my InCase Mattress?

    When the pre-order wraps up we will be sending out the mattress according to location but you should receive the handcrafted mattress within 8 weeks from the end of the pre-order.


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    What will happen if someone takes my InCase?

    We have built in tamper alerts that will allow the user to link it with their phone. So if someone who is not supposed to use the InCase tries to access the case an alert will be sent to your phone. You can decide what action to take after that.

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    Will it be hard in the middle?

    No, it will not feel hard in the middle because the case is covered by 2 inches of foam. Plus this is where your head will be and most people sleep with a pillow so that portion when used won't be felt.

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    What about my sheets?

    Well, sheets are custom fit for the Juna InCase and you get 2 top notch sets free right from the start. We will be expanding our selection of color and feel as time goes on but as it stands we tested our sheets with over 1000 people and the consensus is: they are awesome 5 stars all the way. These sheets are banded and have elastic straps so they won't come off. They are also double side: Cool in the summer and warm for the winter.


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    What sizes of mattress do you offer?

    For our first run, we want to limit the size to King only. It's our experience most people want a King but, if by some chance you're a person that says: "A King won't fit because I won't be able to fit my nightstands." Well, that's a part a the InCase itself, so you do not need a nightstand anymore.

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    Why it’s the last mattress I’ll ever have to buy?

    This is the last mattress you'll ever have to buy as a whole because you can replace layers at any point in time, rather than the whole bed. You won't need to buy a whole new bed ever again. Who knows what new foams or components will come in the future, our system allows you to update the bed at any point.


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    Are you shipping nationwide?

    Yes, we do ship nationwide. The only states we can't ship to yet are Alaska and Hawaii.

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    How do the products come to me?

    This order will ship in 2 shipments.
    First shipment: We ship out the amazing handcrafted mattress and 2 pillows. This comes to you as a whole mattress and there will be 2 people ready to set it up for you. They can even remove a mattress or place it in a different location of the home.
    Second shipment: The rest of the Juna InCase package comes to you by way of UPS with a video explaining to you step by step how to set it up.
    See the timeline page for all details.

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    Is the shipping included?

    Yes, shipping is included. In fact, we try to set you up with a white glove delivery. White glove means that 2 people deliver your bed and bring it into your bedroom and can even remove your old mattress.


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